Just three more days left on the Kickstarter. We’re past our first 3 stretch goals, which means we already have 15 pages of bonus comics that will appear in the book! We’re actually just $300 from making the $16,000 stretch goal! That’s the 3 page strip featuring Medusa’s hair snakes. Honestly, I think we can make it to $17,000, the three page  strip featuring the secret adventures of Urano and Medusa. In fact, I’ll make you a deal. If we get to $17,000 I’ll make the Urano and Medusa strip a 5 parter instead! Guys, we can do this!


I made a video! I wanted to show off the awesome plush head keychains that Lilineko made for the Kickstarter. These are available at the $150 level and art totally cute!