Kickstarter: Oh man! We hit $17,000 and our 5th stretch goal this morning! I had said that if we get to 17K I’d make the Medusa and Urano bonus story a 5 parter. So that means the book will have 17 extra pages of comics by me, and 6 extra pages of comics featuring the Pirates by Patrick Devine! Plus the extra 10 page story I was doing anyway! That’s 33 pages! That’s 1/3 of a full season!


Here’s the crazy thing, we’ve still got over 30 hours to go and we’re only about $800 away from the next stretch goal. This is another big one, because it’s not JUST another 3 page story (this one featuring Vargas and Kerrigor, the Prince’s Knights. Kerrigor’s the guy in his underwear, by the way), but also a Medusa paper craft toy. Tyler Tinsley of just sent me this photo of the finished prototype, and it’s damn cool!(Edit: Tyler just told me this ISN’T the finished version, and that the finished one will be even cooler!) Everyone who contributed at least $5 will get one of these IF we reach$18,000!

More art! David Kufner colored up my Urano concept art! Pretty slick! Thansk man!