Kickstarter: We’re stalling out at about $400 shy of our 3rd stretch goal. If we hit this one it’ll be an extra 3 page strip plus a 6 page comic about the rodent pirates by Patrick Devine! We only have 5 more days on the Kickstarter and my hope is that we’ll reach $16,000. That’ll give us 18 extra pages of comics in the book! Guys, there’s still time to contribute and get your signed and sketched season 2 book, some original art, a Medusa DS skin, prints, plushie keychains and more! We can do this!

More art! I totally forgot to include this great illustration by Axel Ismirlian in the art contest gallery! Check out that tiny little Drudge Angel in the background!  It’s awesome and totally deserves to be shown off!

If you’re tired of giving me money you could give some to James Israelson instead. His comic Kickstarter looks great and could use your help!