Campaign time! TWC (also known as Top Web Comics) is a webcomics ranking site. You’ve seen the button on my page, right? It’s right below this post. It’s right next to the tweet and Facebook Like buttons. Every time you click that button Modest Medusa gets a vote. The more votes we get, the higher on the Top Web Comics list we get. Who cares? I know, right?  EXCEPT, the higher we get, the more people read the comic, and the more people who read the better. Sooo… I want to get into the top 5 this month. That’s my goal. Here’s how you can help.  Click that button. It’ll take you to the TWC site to vote, and then right back here. The whole process takes about 10 seconds. You can do it every few hours, so if you have a chance, please click it twice a day. In fact, you can vote from different computers as well, so please vote as often as you can.

If we get to the top 5 I’ll start November out with a  full week of updates. 5 strips in a row, all in one week. Is that  a good incentive?


Also, Modest Medusa was nominated for five Drunk Duck awards this year, including :

Best dialogue

Awesome! Drunk Duck is where Modest Medusa really took off, and I still think of it as our home away from home, so this is really great!