Will Benedetti contributed to the MM Season 1 Kickstarter, and part of his reward was this walk on appearance. He had sent me a photo to use as a reference, but the photo had like 4 Kangaroo’s in it.  Anyway, this strip was almost about Will and his kangaroo harem, but that would have been a pretty awful thing to do to someone who gave me so much money. So thanks Will!

Top Web Comics: So our campaign to get Modest medusa into the top 5 at TWC is going great. Since Monday we’ve gone from 80 to 30 (0r whatever it is now). Keep voting! It’s super easy. Just click the button located below these comments and next to the facebook and twitter buttons. It’ll take you tothe voting site,a nd once you vote it’ll take you right back here. The whole thing takes about 5 seconds. You can vote once a day on each computer you have!

Remember, if we make the top 5 I’ll do a full week of strips in the first week of November!