This is the first strip done on my new computer. What, you can’t tell the difference?

Anyway, this strip probably needs some explanation. I don’t own a sword, but I did win a wicked knife in a 7th Sea tournament once (this one, actually). 7th Sea was a collectible card game put out by AEG way back in 1998. It didn’t last long enough to cash in on the pirate craze, but it was still pretty great. For my money (and I say this as a former Wizards of the Coast employee) it’s pretty much the best ccg of all time. Anyway, I used to play all the time, and won the knife in a local tournament. I was going to put the knife in the comic instead of the sword, but it’s kind of a pain in the ass to draw. The card “Betrayal” was one of the game’s trump cards, a card you could play at any time to reverse all your enemies attacks back at them. It wasn’t fool proof (there were lots of damage blocking cards), but it was still a card you dreaded seeing your enemy play. Anyway, if you can track down a few 7th Sea starters I’d recommend giving it a go. It’s fun right out of the box.

Con news: Looks like I won’t be at APE after all. Sucks. Ewen Cluney of Neko Machi and Ben Lehman of Cel*Style will still be at our booth (273), so stop by and say hi, and buy one of my role playing games or something.

Link share: People sometimes ask me to link share with them. I don’t always want to unless they have something cool to share.  Mechanical District is pretty cool.