Hey, a big page!

– Okay, so we made our goal. The Modest Medusa Season 2 Kickstarter is funded! Thank you all so much! The great news here is that the Kickstarter still has 15 days to go, so we have lots of time to get to our stretch goals. What are those? Well, for each extra $1000 we raise I’ll be doing a  3 page comic strip for the book featuring some of the supporting characters like Charles the Fish Scientist, Urano, the Chainsaw Unicorn and more! If we get to $15000 (which is less than $3000 away) we’ll get a special 6 page story featuring the Pirates! So please continue to help spread the word, and consider pre-ordering the book!

The deadline for the art contest is this coming Monday! Draw any character from Modest Medusa, post it somewhere along with a link to this site (you can mention the Kickstarter too, if you want) and send me a link to it! I’ll choose the three I like the best to appear as pin ups in the Season 2 book (complete with the artists name and contact info)! My favorite of the three will win a signed copy of the book!  I’ll announce the winner and post links to all the entries on the 22nd!