Lots of stuff today…

– The Kickstarter is only about $900 away from being funded! Can we get this funded in the next 24 hours? The sooner we reach our goal the sooner we can start getting to those easy to reach stretch goals! I’d love to include an extra 9 or 12 pages of strips in the book. Lets make it happen! Remember, by contributing to the Kickstarter you’re not JUST donating money to help get the book printed or pre-prdering your copy of the book, but you’re getting access to all kinds of cool rewards like original art, t-shirts, prints, DS skins and more!

– Here’s the 2nd and 3rd Medusa cosplay stickers. Hopefully you guys will recognize the characters she’s dressed as. Everyone who contributed at least $5 to the Kickstarter will get this set!

– I’m thinking about doing a live draw thing this coming Monday. More info on Friday!

– The art contest is still going! The deadline is Monday the 18th, and I’ll be announcing the winners on Friday the 22nd!