– More great gift art, this time from Fiddlearts! Thanks!

– I am doing better, especially now that I’m at home. I’m recovering for now, but I have lots of changes to look forward to, including less work (12-14 hour work days/7 days a week are a thing of the past), healthier diet,  more regular exercise and regular visits to the doctor. All good things, but all big changes! Anyway, I appreciate all the support and kindness from you guys over the last week. It’s been amazing, and I really appreciate it.

– Christmas will be the last day to get in on the Bundle of Holding’s amazing Super Asian Bundle Blast, a special rpg bundle that includes my game Tokyo Brain Pop. TBP is a psychic schoool girl rpg that I developed right around the time I started making Modest Medusa. So it’s full of comics and humor that are very much like MM! If you’re an rpg fan, and especially an rpg fan who is into anime and manga you’ll love the whole bundle. It contains over $115 worth pdf games (in pdf format) for about $15, including the excellent Golden Sky Stories, Motobushido (with the special Modest Medusa scooter!), Clover, Mecha, Magicians, Maid, Monkey, Anima Prime and Kuro! It’s an amazing deal. You can also give it as a gift! Check it out here!



– My friends who run the game shop right across from my studio have launched a Kickstarter for their new board game Big Fish River. I played an early version a year or two ago and it was a lot of fun (even though I have no interest in fishing). If you’re looking for a new board game this would be a good choice. These guys have also done a lot to make my neighborhood a better and safer place, and their store is a big part of Portland’s friendly and open gaming community. In other words, they’re worth supporting!