– Still recovering but doing fine. I’ll probably have new strips later this week. Thansk for all the support and stuff everyone! I hope you all had a nice holiday!

– Elaine Tipping did today’s strip. This is the second or third thing Elaine has done for me, but this one is my favorite. You’ll know Elaine as the creator of the Peter Pan manga and Tales of a Gaijin, and the artist of ย Licensed Heroes and Dubious Company. Yeah, she does ALL of that. Her new thing is called Princess Retribution, and it’s her best yet. You can read it here.

– My game Tokyo Brain Pop is now available for sale as a book or PDF. You can also get both as a bundle and save a few bucks. If you like role playing games, psychic school girls or crazy girls with detachable floating heads then this game is for you! You can learn more about the game here.

TBP blue cover small