– I guess a lot of you won’t remember what the Deep is. The Deep is the unknown progenitor of Yeld’s aquatic races, like Mermaids, Squidfolk, all kids of sea monsters and (indirectly) Pi Rats like Carlos and Carlos. The Deep has some kind of deep (ha) hatred for Prince Dragul, and for over 500 years has waged a war on the kingdom of Yeld for the express purpose of killing the Prince.

The Deep has been mentioned in the Yeld RPG many times, but I believe the first time it was talked about in Modest Medusa was this strip. Mermaids were created by the Deep to be soldiers in its war, and are often referred to as “Daughters of the Deep”. They are stronger and tougher than King’s People and much faster than Fairies or Vampires, and can fight just as well on land as in water.  They are shock troopers and pioneers, meant to take territory and make more Mermaids. Because of this a lot of Mermaids (like Jenny and Deb have been born in Yeld and never knew the Deep. In fact, as we see in this strip, Jenny is terrified of the Deep.

Anyway, with Dragul dead the Deep’s long war is over, and its soldiers have all been released.

So wait, how did Prince Dragul die? Well… it turns out he “died” a few years ago. If you’ve read the Yeld RPG you know the game’s campaign culminates with a  battle against Prince Dragul where Shin the Shepherd and the other young heroes force the Prince into the Arsenal of Winter, and he’s presumably destroyed by the Arsenal’s defenses. This comic has FINALLY caught up to those events. So everyone in Yeld thinks the Prince is dead.

Of course he isn’t. But we’ll get to that later.

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