When I was originally plotting this season my plan was for a big crossover with Ghost Kiss. The idea is that Ghost Kiss would appear after the kids encountered the monster in the basement. She’d be on the monster’s trail herself, a continuation of a story I had planned for her own comic. She’d team up with the kids to help them take the monster down, and teach Modest and Meg a little about being superheroes in the process.

Sadly I just couldn’t make it happen. I didn’t have any time this year at all for a new Ghost Kiss comic to act as a lead in, and when the time came I decided including her in the story was just too complicated. I’d have to spend a LONG tie explaining who she was and why there was suddenly a superhero in the story. So Jenny took her spot in the big fight, which worked out anyway.

I always regret not having enough time to do all the things I want to do in this comic (or in Ghost Kiss, which I haven’t updated in over a year). At least I got to include Ghost Kiss and Adventure Man in this strip as a little cameo. They arrived just in time to help clean up the mess!