The books have arrived! If you were part of the Kickstarter please check out this update on the Modest Medusa Kickstarter page. The short story is that your books will be going out the door over the next week or so, as fast as I can pack them!

Buy the book! For those of you who didn’t participate in the Kickstarter but have been waiting to order a book… the books are now available for sale! Click the ad on the left side of the site,the store link at the top or just go here! I’m offering the normal version of the book for $17 and a special signed version with a sketch for a bit more (Actually, I’ll happily sign any books you order on request. It’s the sketch that costs more). Shipping out the Kickstarter books is my first priority right now, so any new orders will go out after that, probably around the 16th.

Book Release party! Cosmic Monkey Comics will be hosting the Modest Medusa Book release party on Saturday, Jan 21st from 4-7pm. If you live in the Portland area come by, say hi and buy a book! If you participated in the Kickstarter and you’d like to pick up your book at the party please let me know.


Here’s today original post

A twist!

Here’s a story. Yesterday I got a call from a shipping company asking when would be a good time to drop off 45 boxes of books.


I waited around excited all day yesterday, but the books never arrived. Around the end of the day I got a second call from the shipping company. Hi, we have a bunch of your books. What day should we drop them off?


So… I’m expecting the books to arrive later today. I’ll post an update when they do, so please check back!