So today is Modest Medusa’s 1st anniversary! I posted the first two MM strips over at Webcomicsnation  a year ago today. Anyway I decided to draw something for the occasion, but Marah and Charles ended upbeing about a full foot taller than normal. Oh well.


Also, this strip features my brothers Nick and Will. You’ll remember Will from earlier this season. Nick actually appeared earlyin Season 1 in this strip.

Book update: I know you guys have been patiently waiting for the Modest MedusaSeason 1 book to arrive. I’ll save the full story of the delay for another  time, but the most recent part has to do with shipping from China during the holiday season. Anyway, I think I have good news. I received a phone call from the local shipping agent saying that I could  receive the books as early as next week. I don’t want to get your hopes up, since he said it may take longer than that, and even after I receive that books i’l still need some time to sketch, sign and pack each one. But if we’re lucky I could be shipping books pretty soon. As always, I appreciate your patience and support, and I’ll keep you informed.