– Still no color. BUT! It turns out all the problems I’ve been having come from a simple source: The Yiynova people sent me the wrong replacement stylus/pen. So I thought I had the wrong drivers, or my computer was messed up, but it was just the wrong pen all along.

Soooooo… I should be back with color pages next week. not on Monday, since I’ll still be at Kumoricon. I’ll have some nice filler instead. But I’m committed to three pages next week,s o look for one on Tuesday afternoon.


– Anyway, I’ll be in the Kumoricon artist alley all weekend. I’ll also be running games (like Yeld and GxB) in the gaming hall when I have time. Ben and I will also be doing our annual Dubious Medusa panel on Saturday night at midnight. Anyway, it should be a good weekend.