– Disaster. I’ve been struggling with my computer since Sunday evening, trying to get either the Yiynova to work or the Bamboo to re-nstall. After getting a  replacement pen for the Yiynova on Friday I was ready to get back to doing color strips. But after uninstalling the Wacom drivers for the Bamboo pad I’d been using I havn’t been able to get the Yiynova to recognize the new pen. I eventually gave up on that, but now I can’t get the Bamboo to re-install either. This was already going to be a busy week, and I ended up wasting almost 3 days on this. And now I’m behind and have no color work to show for it.

I’m very frustrated. If I could afford it I’d junk the whole thing and go get a new computer and pad. the Yiynova works great, but it’s a nightmare to install or uninstall, and I’ve lost over a week of production time just because the pen stopped working. Worse, there’s zero documentation or support available online.

So more black and white strips. I really wanted to do this one in color too. Oh well.

– I’ll be at Kumoricon this weekend. Right now I have zero enthusiasm for it, but hopefully that’ll change once I get there. Ben Hsu and I are doing a webcomics panel at midnight on Saturday and my friends and I will be running role playing games (like Panty Explosion Perfect and Motobushido) in the gaming hall all weekend. Other than that I’ll be in the artist alley. Please stop by and say hi.