– Still no pen, so still no color. Apparently the pen is at the post office, so it’ll probably be late rthis week before we’re back to color.

– Kumoricon was a lot of fun, despite being SUPER STUPID HOT IN THE UNDERGROUND PARKING GARAGE WHERE THEY DECIDED TO PUT THE ARTIST ALLEY. How hot was it in there? 95 degrees. Really.  Still, I had a great time and got to hang out with a  lot of great people who I only really see at these things. I owe a big apology to anyone who came to the Dubious Medusa panel on Saturday night only to discover it had been cancelled. Ben and I tried to stay awake, but after 10 hours in the 95 degree garage and another 3 hours wandering around Vancouver we finally decided we were too tired and gave up and went home to sleep.

– Here’s pictures, art and everything! My girlfriend Jaymz came to hang out on Sunday and MOnday and spent a bunch of time at the booth sketching. Since I ran out of cards early she started drawing these for me to hand out. I wanted to keep them for myself, so only a few of them made it out of the booth. if you got one you were super lucky!

jaymz cards


2013-08-31-195345The Modest Medusa booth, in the parking garage.



My former students Patrick and Sophie in cosplay.



My downstairs neighbors Syd and Maddox as Fiona and Cake.



Some cool looking hats!


Cari Corene did this great Medusa sketch for me!



Peaca sent me these cool Modest Medusa chibi characters she made using Chibi Maker. Charles is my favorite!

mail slot


And here’s a mystery! Someone slid this drawing through the mail slot at the studio today. I love it, but I don’t know who drew it (I an’t read the signature). Plus, it’s dated back in May! Whoever you are, thanks so much!