– It looks like these big pages are just going to take some extra time. For the duration f this arc expect updates to happen late in the day instead of in the morning. Sorry guys!

– Ben and Elaine could use your help on the Dubious Company Volume 2 Kickstarter.  DC is a great company, and Ben and Elaine are my friends, so please help them out!

– If you’re in a giving mood Mark Oakley’s Indiegogo campaign for the new Star Drop book could also use your help!

– I just watched Children who chase lost voices, last years Makoto Shinkai film. I really liked it, and i bet you will too.

– More about the Modest Medusa toys, since a few of you had questions. We haven’t done any design work yet, but we’ll certainly have finished designs to show you before any pre-orders happen. In fact, I expect we’d have a finished prototype. Daven also said that it’s possible that they might just start by doing a small run first and offer them directly for sale without the pre-order. Either way, we wouldn’t expect you to pay for something without having a good idea of what it will look like first!  A lot of you also asked about price and international shipping. At this point I don’t have any info about price, except that we want to produce something affordable. I’d expect shipping to be reasonable, but maybe there’s something about sending toys to other countries that I don’t know about? Anyway, I’m still eager for your input. The more of you who comment here, the easier it will be for Daven and I to decide how to move forward with this project!