– Happy New Year! This page took a little longer to get posted. I did most of the line art while I was at NewCon last weekend, but a sinus infection and a New Year’s Eve party kept me from getting the coloring done. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up my regular schedule this year. That’s my resolution.

– NewCon was great, by the way. Tiny little first year con, but full of great people and a great artist alley. Once again Ben and I boothed next to Cyndy of Quorum of Cute. Here’s a picture. Yes, I have a new haircut. It’ll grow out eventually.




– I’ll be participating in the next Comics Underground on Jan 1oth. That’s next week! I’ll be doing a reading of the first 24 strips of Modest Medusa for a live audience at the Jack London bar here in Portland. Colleen Coover and Jenn Vaughn will also be reading.  Should be good!

– Toys! I had a chat with Daven over at Shouldbee.com before Christmas. We talked about the feedback that you guys provided and what they’d like to do with Modest Medusa. Based on the survey it looks like most of you would like to see a Modest Medusa plush toy (what I think of as a stuffed animal), and a lot of you would like to see 3-4 inch plastic toys based on Medusa, Marah, the Chainsaw Unicorn, the Mermaids and the Drudge Angel ( Charles and I were way down at the bottom of the list). Both are possible according to Daven. The process they’ll likely use to get this project rolling is an ongoing pre-order. Once they have enough orders they’ll put the product into production. From what I understand this is how a lot of smaller toy companies operate (which makes sense to me). Alternatively, if they think they’ll sell enough of the product right away they may just skip the pre-orders and jump right into production, producing a small run of 200 or so toys.  So here’s my questions… how many of you would order a Modest Medusa toy if they were made available this Spring?  Would you prefer a plastic toy or a plush toy? Would you pre-order, or only order once the toy was available to ship? We need this information to know how viable this project is.  Let me know what you think.

– Mark Oakly is doing an Indiegogo campaign for his new Star Drop book. Mark is the creator of Thieves and Kings, one of my favorite comics of all time. Star Drop is great fun too, and the project is totally worth your support!