– Sorry for the late update. I probably won’t be posting the next page till late Monday or Tuesday, because…

– I’ll be at Emerald City in Seattle all weekend long. Find me at the Dubious Company booth with Ben Hsu. That’s booth Q-10 in the artist alley. Look for a big Medusa sign! I’ll have Season 2 books, coloring books and some other cool stuff. I’ll also be doing sketches for anyone who wants one. And if you haven’t gotten your Season 2 Kickstarter reward yet, come by and pick it up!

– Speaking of Season 2, Cosmic Monkey Comics in NE Portland is hosting a Modest Medusa signing on Saturday the 9th at… lets say 5pm. We’ll be going out for food an drinks afterwards, so come by and hang out!

– Kickstarter rewards are still shipping out slowly. I think we mailed three this week! Sorry for the delay everyone. Between Wizard World, Emerald City and actually drawing the comic I haven’t had a lot of extra time. Your stuff is coming. Eventually. I swear to god!

– My downstairs neighbor Sydney (who is about 8) has been keeping up with the current storyline and was pretty shocked by the last strip. She made a drawing about it (featuring me):

what the shit