– I’ve been told I don’t do a very good job explaining why the Modest Medusa books are worthwhile even if you’ve already read the comic online. Okay, so here’s the sales pitch (which you can ignore. Just scroll down to the squid comic). The Season 1 and Season 2 books both contain about 40 pages of extra comic. That’s almost half a season each. Some of these pages are just gag stuff, but a lot of it is plot important content that really fleshes out the story. In the Season 1 book we get to see the Ghost for the very first time and learn how he met Jake and Marah. We also find out what happened to Jake in Season 2 and how the Chainsaw Unicorn made his way back to Yeld after getting hit by that car. We meet Detectives Lester and Bunk for the first time (in this comic anyway) and see why the Mermaids were working for Medusa’s Mom (who we also see for the first time). There’s also a comic about Medusa’s hair and some other bonus content. The Season 2 book has even more stuff, including a big 10 page comic featuring Marah, the Pirates and Jenny the Mermaid that shows how Marah found that spear, an explanation for all the Batman stuff, Medusa and Urano’s battle with the Chocodile, the return of Will Benedetti’s Kangaroo, more about Jake and Momdusa, more about Medusa’s hair and a return to the game store to buy more Pokemon. Between the two books there’s almost 100 pages of new comics, plus interviews, guest art, a craft article and two awesome giant fold out pages (in the second book). Also, each book has a ton of commentary. Which is cool if you like that kind of thing. Anyway, here’s the store link. Okay, that’s it. I’ll shut up now.

– So it turns out squid can fly? Pretty neat. Also, some squid are like 30 feet long. That’s old news though. Did you know that if you don’t cook them right they can shoot  barbed sperm into your tongue when you try to eat them? It’s pretty rare, but it does happen. You can google all this, but I made a comic anyway just to keep you informed.



Glucifer did a great illustration of the Gorgon and… umm… that guy who becomes the Knight of Chains. I never came up with a name for him. Anyway, it’s great. Thanks!