– jaPoshi asked me if I was planning on doing a valentines Day comic. Duh, of course not. Sad truth? I haven’t had a girlfriend since I started Modest Medusa. Anyway, he sent me the script for this strip and asked if I’d mind drawing it. He made me a website, so I figured it was the least I could do. I kind of feel like Jake would never kiss Medusa’s forehead in a million years, but whatever. It’s still cute. The gag probably makes more sense if you understand that she’s dressed as a Pikachu (which can only say it’s own name) and that the Japanese sound “chu” means kiss or smooch or something similar. Anyway, we’ll get back to the Wither away storyline with the next update.

– I’ll be doing a book release party for Modest Medusa Season 2 at Cosmic Monkey Comics here in Portland on the 9th of March. Come by and say hi! I’ll also be at Wizard World Portland on the 22-24th of this month, Emerald City in Seattle on the 1-3rd of March and Sakuracon in Seattle on the 29-31st of March. I think we’re going to try to organize a dinner on the Saturday of Sakuracon, so if you want to hang out and eat with Ben, Nick and I let me know.

– Season 2 books are slowly shipping out to Kickstarter backers. As I’ve said before, it’ll take awhile.

– The Season 2 book  is available for sale for just $17. Get it at my store.