Here’s this week’s second bonus strip. Thanks everyone!

Okay, so here’s my incentive plan! If we can get Modest Medusa into the TWC top 5 (and keep it there till the end of the month) I’ll do 4 strips each week next month. That means a total of 16 strips in December! As a bonus, I have a special wallpaper I’m working on that I’ll release the first time MM reaches the #5 spot. So please vote at the TWC link above!

Also, I’ve just posted another update on the Kickstarter about the proof copies of the season 1 book. You can read it here.

Also (also), You’ll be happy to hear that Ben and Elaine’s Dubious Company Kickstarter is doing great. They met their goal this morning with over three weeks to go. Of course they could still use your help, and there’s still time to get in on this awesome project!

Speaking of Kickstarters, by friend Ben Lehman is looking for supporters for his casual social game Matriarchy. Ben is the designer of Polaris and Bliss Stage, and Matriarchy looks like it will be the first social network based game that I’d actually want to play. You can find out more about the game and contribute to the Kickstarter here.