Hey, bonus page! As promised, here’s the first of two extra pages this week, a reward for all your hard work getting MM into the TWC top 10 last month. Thanks everyone! I’d like to see MM stay in the top 10 and even make it to the top 5, but I’m not sure what kind of incentives I should offer. What are you guys interested in seeing?

Also, our friends Ben and Elaine are doing a Kickstarter for the first volume of their awesome webcomic Dubious Company! You remember the guest strip they did for us a few months back, right? Their goal is to raise $1500 to print their massive 276+ page book.  For just $25 you can contribute to the project and secure your own copy of the book! Totally worth it. Of course, there’s plenty of great rewards for those of you with a little more money to spend.  Check out the Dubious Company Kickstarter here.