Happy Halloween! Guys, please go out and eat a lot of candy and drink and… you know… Halloween stuff. Have fun!

Just one last day  for voting this month. Thank you all so much for voting so many times. We didn’t get to the #5 spot, but honestly I didn’t even think we’d get to 10. Anyway, I’ll be doing two extra strips over the next week as a thank you to all of you. I’m not quite sure when they’ll be posted, so keep an eye out.  I don’t want to keep bugging you guys for votes, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d keep voting next month so we can stay in the top 10!

For those of you who like role playing games (I know you’re out there), this is the last day to get $10 off Panty Explosion Perfect, my psychic Japanese school girl rpg. Panty Explosion Perfect is a self contained rpg system filled with full color illustrations and comics. If you like Modest Medusa and enjoy role playing games you may dig it.  Normally the game book costs $16, but today is the last day to get it in a special bundle with the excellent zombie game Cannibal Contagion! Get both games for just $26!