I’ve had a tooth infection all week. It sucks like a black hole. It usually takes about 4 hours to do a strip, but between starring at the screen in a pain killer induced haze and wincing every time I even think about the right side of my head each of this week’s strips have taken about 8 hours. Ugh. Thank god I don’t have any dental insurance.

Anyway… We’ve been jumping around between the 7 and 8 spot on TWC for the last few days. I’d love to finish the month out at #7.  If we can take the 7 spot and keep it till Tuesday I’m planning on doing 2 extra strips (5 total) for the first week of November. You can vote at the link below.

One more time: If you live in Portland Oregon you should check out the Women of Wonder event at Excalibur comics this Sunday from noon- 6pm.  This is a Wonder Woman inspired charity auction featuring original art by dozens of cartoonists (including myself). Come by and see some art or place a bid for charity! My contribution is this 9 x 12 pen and ink illustration, hand colored with Copic markers. It was tons of fun and you can totally big on it if you want.