Jaime Saetern everyone! Jamie is our second Season 1 Kickstarter gust star (Will and his car and his weird Kangaroo appeared a few strips back). Thanks for your support Jamie!

Anyway, the voting is going great, and we’re up to #7 on the TWC top 10! My hope was to get to #5, but that’s about 1000 votes away. Not impossible, but I don’t think we’ll get there by the end of the month. Oh well. But! But! we got to #7 from like… 90… and that’s pretty amazing. You guys are fantastic. My original plan was to do a full week of 7 strips for the first week of November if we hit #5.  But if we can maintain the #7 spot for the rest of the month I’ll do a week of 5 strips instead. That’s pretty good, right? Anyway, keep voting, so we can maintain our position.



Also, if you live in Portland Oregon you should check out the Women of Wonder event at Excalibur comics this Sunday from noon- 6pm.  This is a Wonder Woman inspired charity auction featuring original art by dozens of cartoonists (including myself). Come by and see some art or place a bid for charity! My contribution is this 9 x 12 pen and ink illustration, hand colored with Copic markers. It was tons of fun and you can totally big on it if you want.