-Welcome, finally, to Modest Medusa Season 7. I’ll have more to say about the Season with Monday’s update. For now, I want to thank you all for being so patient. Last year I decided I’d like to try scripting this entire season before I started drawing it. Thats not normally how I make this comic. In past seasons I’ve always had a rough outline to follow with plenty of key scenes, but mostly made the script and the individual strips as I went along. Sometimes this led to some very strong story elements (the entire Wither Away arc came out of almost nowhere), but also sometimes this approach has led to sequences lasting too long, or not really going anywhere. I’ve been curious to see if a more focused approach to writing will result in a better story. I guess we’ll see!

Since writing a season like this is somewhat new to me (I write Ghost Kiss this way, but those are much smaller stories) it ended up taking a LOT longer than I thought it would. For years I’ve been pretty good at just doing my strips every week no matter whats happening. Sometimes I’d be sick or travelling or something would come up, but usually obstacles didn’t keep me from working. That absolutely hasn’t been the case while I’ve been writing this new season. It seems like every week some new awful or ridiculous thing has happened, and dealing with that has kept me from finishing the script for months. Of course, thats really just procrastination. I’m a horrible procrastinator. The only reason I’ve been able to draw my strips on a regular basis is because I forced myself to make it a habit! maybe I’ll eventually be able to do the same with writing.

Anyway, it feels really good to be drawing the comic again! Thanks for sticking around during this long hiatus. I really appreciate it! I’ve got a good season for you, and I think you’ll really like it.

– Please welcome Veronica Veaudry Casaus as this episode’s guest star. Veronica had been the proofreader of several Modest Medusa (the ones that aren’t full of errors) and Yeld books! This isn’t the last time you’ll see her character!