– This season of Modest Medusa is called Marah and the Pirates. In case you’re confused, this story takes place between MM seasons 2 and 3, after Urano was killed by the Knight of Chains and Modest was taken by Vargas and Kerriogr to Dragul’s castle, where she met her Mother and her Sisters. I hope you were wanting to see more of Marah and Captain Jaspar and his crew, because  yo’re about to get a full season of them. I expect Season 7 to run for about 110 pages, so if all goes well this story will take just over a year to tell. We’ll check in with Modest and her friends every now and then too!

I want to thank you all for sticking with my comic, both through the hiatus of the last few months and during the current epidemic. I appreciate your comments, your messages and your support. I’m afraid things may get worse for a lot of people before they get better, but I’ll still be here making comics, and I hope you’ll still come to check them out.

Stay safe and healthy.

– Jake

Oh, and here’s one more Modest. Say good bye, you won’t see her for awhile!