– Sorry that I missed the mid week Medusa update. I’m not sure what happened, except that I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with work. All of the sudden it was late Weds and I really didn’t even realize it! Hopefully I’ll have uninterrupted updates for you this month!

– If you’re looking for an easy way to support Modest Medusa please consider voting on Top Web Comics. It only takes a second each day and believe it or not it really helps bring new readers.

– I’ve been posting new Ghost Kiss pages for the last two weeks. If you’re a Modest medusa fan (and I mean you probably are, right…) this is where the two series start to connect, so you might want to check it out. The new episode concludes next week, but you can read most of it now.

– I’ll be at the Olympia Comic Festival this Saturday. This is very short notice, but I’m hoping it will be fun. I’ll have new Medusa and Combine stuff, so please come check it out!

– Speaking of Combine, the new issue is now available and awesome! It features 4 new sci-fi comic, including Ghost Kiss by me! The new issue is 80 full color large format pages for just $10. You can buy a copy at the Combine store! Back issue bundles are also available.