– Sorry about missing the Weds update. These full pages take longer than normal, and with the Kickstarter going I ended up falling behind. Pages like this will be much more common this season, so I’ll be  trying my best to stay on schedule. Thanks for your patience!

– The Magical Land of Yeld kickstarter is going strong! The project is funded and on it’s way to it’s  second stretch goal, a special Chainsaw Unicorn Boss Fight! If you have’t checkout out the Kickstarter, please do., The updates include a bunch of new info and art. This is going to be the biggest Modest medusa related project so far, and whether you’re  gamer, someone who always wanted to try role playing games but wasn’t sure where to start or just Modest Medusa fan I think  you’ll really dig this project! You can check out the Kickstarter page here! 

Chainsaw Unicorn

– I’ll be doing a Yeld related live draw this evening! I’ll be drawing while my brother nick and I answer questions about the project. Come check it out! The stream starts at 7pm here!