– It’s been a busy few days! On Friday my brother Nick and I launched the Kickstarter for our new game The Magical land of Yeld, an RPG set in the world of Modest Medusa. I was really worried that the project would struggle. In the past so many of you have been supportive, but I had no idea if many of you were interested in this kind of game, and I was anticipating that, at best, we’d be struggling to hit our hefty goal before the Kickstarter ended at the end of August.

52 hours. The project was fully funded in just over 2 days.

I was amazed. Amazed and humbled. It’s really hard to believe. Nick and I have been working on this game for longer than I’ve been making this comic, and I had nearly given up hope that it would ever become a real thing. And now it will. I’m really excited to further share the world of Yeld with you in this way. There are so many things that I’ve wanted to show youthat just don’t fit well into this comic, and this game is the perfect venue for that.

The game is fully funded, but we still have 28 days to go and Nick and i have some neat stretch goals that we’ll be unveiling later this week. We’ve also posted several updates on the Kickstarter page explaining the game and the world of Yeld. there’s also some neat art!

You can check out the Kickstarter page here!

– I’ll be at the Artist Alley Comic Fest here in Portland this coming Sunday. This is my favorite show of the year,s o if you get a chance please come and check it out!