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February is Modest Medusa Patreon Month! Patreon is a way that fans and readers can support the artists who produce work that they enjoy by contributing a small amount of money each month. If you like reading Modest Medusa please consider supporting me through Patreon. Your support through Patreon helps me pay my bills and lets me spend more time making comics. I appreciate all the support!

My goal this month is to see my Patreon campaign reach the $1100/month mark. That would be huge for me, since it would mean Patreon would be paying for all my basic bills and monthly medical expenses. It would also allow me to start saving up for a new computer, which I desperately need. The most important thing is it would allow me to spend less time looking for freelance illustration work and instead focus on making more comics and art for you to enjoy. Like the new 4-page comic I’ll be posting either later this week or early next week!

MM Patreon 2015 2-1

So if you enjoy Modest Medusa and want to see more comics from me please consider contributing to my Patreon. Even just $1 a month really helps! You can check out my Patreon page here.

– Speaking of Patreon, here’s the art for the new wallpaper that Patreon backers have access to. Modest playing Mario Kart with some of her super friends. I’m really enjoying both Ms. Marvel and Batgirl right now and I’ve been looking for an excuse to draw both characters. This was done during the monthly live draw session last weekend and it was a lot of fun!

Super Friends


– I’ll be at Chibi Chibi Con in Olympia on February 14th. Chibi Chibi Con was the first show I ever brought Modest Medusa too. The comic was barely 20 strips old at the time!