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– Modest Medusa Patreon Month continues! Your support through Patreon helps me pay my bills and keep making comics. My goal this month is to get my Patreon to the $1100 mark, which will make a huge difference in my monthly finances and allow me to spend much more time creating comics. If you enjoy Modest Medusa and want to see more comics from me please consider becoming a patron. Even a dollar a month really helps! You can check out my Patreon here.

MM Patreon 2015 2-3

– Speaking of Patreon, here the Febuary sticker of the month for Patreon backers! I’ve been wanting to draw Modest as a Pokemon trainer forever, but I couldn’t figure out who she should dress as. May? Misty? Nope. She’s a member of Team Rocket of course!

Rocket Medusa