– I thought for sure the MLP joke last strip would be a huge hit, but I guess most of you didn’t like it. It’s funny, because at conventions so many of the Medusa readers I meet are enthusiastic Bronies (and always give my buttons). Oh well!

– Just a reminder, the ebay auction for the Modest Medusa original art ends later today. If you’re interested in acquiring some hand colored original art please check it out! All the funds will go toward paying convention expenses this fall. If this auction goes well I’ll be posting more original art over the next week or so. Here’s the auction link.

MM and the XXXbox 1

– The July Sale is still going. Until the end of the month you can get Modest Medusa Season 1 and 2 (along with a free pack of stickers) for just $28. That’s $6 off the normal price! Here’s the store link.

Bundle art