Some of you know that my day job is mostly about making rpg’s, and when I say rpg I mean the kind you play with pen and paper around a table and not the kind you play on the Xbox. Anyway, for a few years brother Nick and I have been working on a game called The Magical Land of Yeld, about children who discover a secret door to a magical world and go there to have fun and dangerous adventures. As you may guess Modest Medusa came partially from this idea, and it’s been a lot of fun to introduce Yeld into the comic strip and explore it with Medusa and Marah.

Nick and I will be releasing The Magical Land of Yeld roleplaying game later this summer. It’ll be a big, beautiful full color book featuring an easy to learn game that lets you explore Yeld on your own. It’ll be stuffed full of comics and illustrations and all kinds of little connections to the Modest Medusa comics. In other words, it’s a great way for you to have your own adventures in Medusa’s world!

So that book is still a few months away, but today I have something special for you. The Magical Land of Yeld: Mermaid Hunters is a special 36 page  book designed to introduce new players to the upcoming rpg. Mermaid Hunters is a self contained adventure including everything you need to try the game! It also features Jenny and Deb, the bitchy mermaids from the comic! If you like role playing games, you’ll probably dig Mermaid Hunters. It’s fast to play and easy to learn. It’s a bit like Final Fantasy tactics and The Legend of Zelda, but on the table instead of the console! If you’ve never tried an rpg before, you may still want to give it a go. It’s pretty fun!

How do you get a copy of Mermaid Hunters? You can order Mermaid Hunters directly from the Cel*Style store for just $5! Even better, until the end of April 2012 I’m offering Mermaid Hunters for free to anyone who orders the Modest Medusa Season 1 book! Don’t want to wait? Come see Nick and I at Sakuracon April 6-8th and sign up for one of our Mermaid Hunter games to get a free copy of the book! Or just buy one from us at our booth!

So that’s my big news. I’m really excited about the Magical Land of Yeld, both as a game and as an expanded part of the Modest Medusa story. Mermaid Hunters is just the first part of this project,and while the Magical Land of Yeld rule book won’t be out till later this summer you can check out the official Yeld site for more news and art previews! I’ll be updating it regularly!