I appreciate all the advice about switching the comic to twice a week. I apologize for the lateness and fill in posts from the last few months. I will be retaining my 3 post a week schedule. I’ll just have to make sure to do a better job!

Mermaid Hunters: Thanks everyone who bought a copy of the book! It’s been selling fast! I’d like to remind you that you can still order Mermaid Hunters, or get it for free if you order the Modest Medusa Season 1 book! I’ll also have copies of the book available at Sakuracon this weekend! And…

PAX East: Go see my friend Ben Lehman at PAX this weekend. He’ll have copies of ¬†Mermaid Hunters for sale at the Indie games booth!

Sakuracon: I’ll be at Sakuracon all weekend, so come by and say hi!

Journey: Charles downloaded this great game on our PS3 and I spent a few hours playing it. Beautiful!