Sakuracon! Find me at the Cel*Style booth (803) this weekend! Get your copies of the Season 1 book and Mermaid Hunters, try a Chocodile or just get a sketch and say hi!

PAX Prime: Find the Indie games booth this weekend to get your copy of Mermaid Hunters!

Mermaid Hunters: is still available at the Cel*Style store! Order the Season 1 book and get Mermaid Hunters for free! Also, check out the new Yeld blog to learn more about the game!

Bayonetta: I started playing this again after buying it last year and just trying the first few minutes. Holy crap! So ridiculous! So over the top! I dig it the most!

Animal Crime: Don’t miss the new page!

Blue Milk Special: The person who translates bothe Modest Medusa and Blue Milk Special came up with this! Pretty great.