Lots of stuff today!

– Iker Sanchez makes a special appearance, following Justin R last strip! Only 1 more walk on role from the Kickstarter is left!

– Yes, I will be at Sakuracon next week! Come see me at the Cel*Style booth ( no. 803). I’ll have books to sign, Chocodiles to give away and pens ready for sketching!

– Two new pieces of gift art. A great Chainsaw Unicorn by TheDeseasedcow and a colored version of my Link Medusa by Zeroswitch! Thanks!

– More Animal Crime! The plot is getting thick!

– No more Ocarina of Time for me! I forgot to save and ended up losing everything from the Water Temple to half way through the Shadow Temple! Crap! I’ve decided to put the game aside for now to play Tale of the Abyss instead.

– Big announcement on Friday! Wait and see!