– The vertigo finally subsided, just in time for me to injure myself moving boxes and boxes of Modest Medusa books! Thankfully it was just a little bit of back and shoulder strain, and I’m fine now. But I decided to do a shorter strip to wrap up this game shop adventure.

– Some of you commented on the last strip saying that you remember playing games as a kid and loving them, then as an adult discovering they were awful. I think that’s super common (with everything. Books, shows, movies, comics). As kids we’re experiencing things for the first time and we’re easily entertained. Controlling a flying machine is so much fun, even if the graphics are awful and the story is poor! Its easy to get lost in a new experience and spend hours on a small joy. We also don’t have a lot of context yet. We don’t know that better games are out there! We don’t know how much worse this game is than it should be! This is teh first time we’ve experienced this kind of thing, and we have nothing to compare it to.

– In a recent comment someone asked why I haven’t changed the “Updates every Monday, Weds and Friday” graphic on the site, since I’ve only updated on Mondays and Fridays for the last few years. I know some of you already know this, but I currently can’t. Several years ago I migrated the site to a new host. The process was messy, and the host changed some backend stuff that locked me out of being able to make any changes at all to the site. That doesn’t mean that changes CAN’T be made, of course. But it does mean that the interface I had for making changes no longer exists, and I don’t have the knowealge to overcome that. I’ve had some helpful friends and readers look at the back end for me and they’ve each suggested that I should re-migrate to a different host and pay someone to basically put my site back together again so I’m able to make changes again. Unfortunately I just haven’t had the time or resources to do that. Its always on my list, but its never at the top. However, I think its finally time to try to tackle this. So next month I’ll be looking for someone to help me with this project, and help me make a few other site changes. hopefully I can finally get this sorted out by the end of the year. I know it confuses a lot of people, and its been a source of frustration and anxiety for me as well!