– Its not always clear how much time passes in this comic. Season 1 takes place over a few months, but the only way to tell time has passed is that Modest gets more acclimated to living with Jake. Season 2 is less than a week and Season 3 is a single day, but it was the longest Season up to that point. Season 4 is another week. Season 5 (Modest goes to school) is the longest Season, beginning after the school’s Winter break in January and lasting until Spring Break in late March. There was also a significant period of time (about 6 months) between 4 and 5. Season 6 is another week back in Yeld, and 7 is a week or so too (although its a flashback with Marah). Theres another unseen period before this Season, which takes place over the Summer and includes Modest’s birthday, trip to Seattle for Sakuracon and Jake moving his studio.

Anyway, when I originally envisioned this Season I had planned for it to take place through the Fall, beginning with Modest starting a new school year in early September and ending around Halloween. But now teh season is nearing its end and I’m realizing only a few days has passed! So here’s a montage taking Modest through September and her first few weeks of school!

BTW, I told myself drawing 16 little panels would be simple and fast. It took FOREVER!

– There’s just one week left for the Modest Medusa Season 5 Kickstarter. We’re about 75% funded and I’m hoping we can reach the goal this week. This project is a big deal to me since having my books in print is a major source of my income. So if you’ve been thinking about checking out the Kickstarter… please do! I’d really appreciate your support!