After this strip Modest Medusa went on a month long hiatus. There were some great fill in strips (which you can read by clicking through to the following pages), but if you’d like to skip them the story resumes here.


See, I made a mistake. This strip was supposed to take place before the last strip, but I got all excited about the last strip and forgot what I was doing and drew it instead. So… this one happens befor ethe last one. I’ll fix the order later.

Con schedule: You guys keep asking me where I’ll be, so here’s the list. I can’t afford to travel much, but if there’s a con you think I should go to, especially one that will pay part of my expenses, let me know. Anyway… I’ll be at Geek Girl Con (Seattle), Gencon (Indianapolis) and PAX (Seattle again) this August, Kumoricon (Vancouver) this September and probably APE (San Francisco) in October.