Modest Medusa is going on hiatus until the 6th of August. I’ll be posting filler material every Mon, Weds and Fri until then. Wait, let me explain!

Season 3 has a lot of big stuff happening in it, and I want to make sure I get it right. At the same time, I’m currently working against two important deadlines right now. The first is finishing up my commitment to color Barry Deutsch’s new Hereville book, which is due at the end of the month. Barry’s a good friend so its important to me that Hereville looks as good as I can make it. The 2nd deadline of course is getting the Modest Medusa Season 2 book to the printer. I want to make sure the book is as good as I can make it, and that means spending a lot of time working on it. Unfortunately, working on these two projects means I just don’t have enough time to do what I want to do with the weekly Modest Medusa strips. Instead of creating strips that I know I won’t be happy with I’ve decided to put the strip on hiatus for a few weeks until I’ve wrapped up these two projects.

Modest Medusa will return on the 6th of August. It’s be worth the wait I think. In the meantime I’ll be posting filler material every Monday, Weds and Fri, including sketches, some guest art and gag illustrations like this one. So you’ll be able to get your regular MM fix, it’ll just be a few weeks before the story resumes.

Thanks in advance for bearing with me. I promise I’ll make it worth your time.