– Here’s the January sticker of the month for Patreon backers. Yes, January. I’m a little late. There will be a February sticker later this month! I THINK this is the first time I’ve drawn Modest as Sailor Moon (out side of a few convention sketches). Let me know if you like this and I might do the whole family as Sailor Scouts.

– I hate talking about this, but I need help. Things have not been going well since the Pandemic started. My income has dropped dramatically over the last two years, and I was already just scrapping by. Since March of 2020 I’ve lost about $370 in monthly Patreon income. That’s almost 1/3rd of my total monthly income. Usually I’d partially make that up through convention sales, but conventions just haven’t been possible during the Pandemic, and at this point I couldn’t afford to go to them anyway (since the investment to go to a con is often $500+).

For the last two years I’ve been trying hard to make up the difference in income with freelance work and commissions. In fact, in 2021 I probably produced more artwork than any other year in my life. I certainly worked more hours! Unfortunately most of this was for other people, and most of it don’t pay that well. If your wondering why my Modest Medusa output has been lower the last two years, why Nick and I are releasing less Yeld stuff, why there hasn’t been a Season 5 Modest Medusa Kickstarter and why new Ghost Kiss comics are only appearing once a year, this is the reason. I’m struggling to make ends meet, and all the time I would normally spend working on my own projects is spent searching for and working on freelance stuff and commissions to pay the bills. Its a struggle.

After two years of this I’m absolutely exhausted and crushed. I spent so much time at the end of last year trying to clear my plate so I could work on my own stuff this year, but it looks like this year will be more of the same, and that’s… well, it is what it is. I’ve been desperate to get back to work on Ghost Kiss, to do some Modest Medusa projects I’m really excited about, to work on a new standalone comic project and to do some fun fan art, but it looks more and more like most or all of that will have to wait another year.

I received my monthly Patreon income statement this week and saw that another few Patrons had canceled their pledges, to a total of $89. I don’t blame anyone for canceling their pledges. I know people do that for good reasons, and I appreciate any support people give and understand when they can’t do that anymore. Unfortunately this now means I’m no longer earning the bare minimum I need to pay my essential bills every month.

If you can afford to contribute to my Patreon at all I would really appreciate it. Even a small amount helps (I know a LOT of you reading this are already supporters, or support my work in other ways). Your contributions help me pay for my rent, groceries, medication, utilities and transportation, as well as rent at my studio space and art supplies. It allows me to spend my time creating comics and art that everyone can read and enjoy. It allows me to maintain a small studio space where I can work in peace (and being able to do that is probably the only thing that has allowed me to get through the Pandemic at all).

I really, really appreciate your support. And I really need it.

You can find my Patreon here.