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  1. Taral Wayne
    Taral Wayne

    Didn’t this story start long before President Birdbrain and his tweeting?

    • Jake

      It did. But in the roughly 3 years that we’ve covered in the comic nearly 10 years of real time has gone by, and plenty of stuff that wouldn’t exist yet if the comic was still set in 2011-2014 have been mentioned. For example, Modest owns multiple Pokemon games that were released outside that window. Its one of the weird things about comics. Unless you’re willing to stick to a very specific time period, eventually things slowly modernize. like how in Fantastic Four Ben and Reed were originally in WW2 together. then in the Korean war. Then in Vietnam. Then in the gulf war. And that was without any major retcon or reboot.

      Or if you like, she can be refering to Obama. He tweeted too.

      • Thornbrier

        Still love that sad story about a woman who had cops called on her for ‘acting crazy.’ As I recall: When they arrived, as an example of her calm rational thinking and positivity, she mentioned that (then) President Obama follows her on Twitter. They took this as evidence of her insanity and had her committed.

        She was there for about two weeks. The doctors wanted to let her go but she kept insisting she still believed Obama followed her on Twitter, so they were hesitant to clear her just yet.

        Eventually an orderly actually checked her Twitter. Obama’s official presidential account did follow her. The person in charge of that account regularly followed people who had a track record of posting positivity and cheer.

        • Jake


        • Kokirigirl

          It’s pretty heartbreaking what that woman went through and it’s disgusting that no one in that hospital or the cops actually checked to see if her story was real or not. Do you know is she was able to win her suit against the hospital?

      • Jo Li

        Stop breaking the space-time continuity, dignus!


  2. luckbat

    Didn’t Marah enter Yeld in 2011? How would she know about the president?

    • Jake

      See answer below.

      • Hikarizu

        Wait, for me older comments are on the top. Is comment layout different for you?

        • Jake

          Actually, yeah. Is that not how it works for you?

          • Nikary Flare
            Nikary Flare

            The older comments are on the top for me…

            Well, and sometimes the new comments appear in completely random order, so if I want to see them, I have to look over the whole comment section.

          • Jake

            Thats very strange. Can anyone else comment here if they encounter the same thing?

          • Jeff Fujimoto
            Jeff Fujimoto

            I can’t reply to your inner comment, but yes the older comments are at the top (where they belong).

          • Jake

            I guess its just me. Well, thats for the best.

  3. babygirl

    It could one of two things, one being be that modest told her and how did modest know? Well maybe one of the adults was saying something like president was tweets again.

    Or two there are a lot of those people that are from Earth like Marah and they could have told her?

    • Jake

      Well, the real problem is that canonically this strip takes place before Trump was in office. In fact, nearly ayear after these events Modest makes a reference to Obama as president (in Season 5). Remember, this is a flashback to the events between Season 2 and 3.

      The truth is, I didn’t even really think about the punch line. Like a lot of gags, it just occurred to me as I was writing the strip (the point of the strip was to give readers info about the free City). But I think its okay. Theres a LOT of references in the comic over the years that just don’t make sense if the story happens over just 3 years.

  4. ColdFusion

    Ahh the old sliding timescale
    soon Modest will have been playing Sword and Shield and we’ll wonder why she was so into it.

    • Jake

      Uh huh. It doesn’t help that Pokemon games keep dropping while shes in Yeld, and by the time she gets back they’re super out of date.

      modest also went from having a DS to a 3DS to wanting a Switch in the span of 3 comic years.

  5. Nikary Flare
    Nikary Flare

    Bird president xD

  6. Laura

    Older comments appear at the top for me, as well.

  7. Marscaleb

    I’d complain about the inaccuracies in the timeline, but that joke is too good to pass up.

  8. Hinoron

    “Once every 4 years, every person in the country casts a vote for the person we think should run the country…
    Then the rich and powerful wipe their ass with our opinions and put whatever sociopathic monster they think will help them get richer and more powerful in the job.”

    ’bout right?

    • Jake

      Uh huh.

  9. Gravely Optimism

    Attempting to post from my phone because my last 12 messages have been lost unless Mr. Richmond deliberately excluded them for investigating his continuity. What do I put in the URL field to improve my odds of the comment going through?

    • Jake

      Im not sure what the problem is, but I can confirm that I haven’t seen any posts from you besides this one. I manually approve every post, but I don’t moderate unless sits an attack on another poster or spam. It may be your phone? Also possible, it may be a problem with the site I’m unaware of. Is anyone else having trouble posting?

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