The book release party was great! Thanks so much for coming out, everyone! I met a lot of new fans and saw a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in awhile. Here’s some pictures!

Lots of friends! L to R: Maddox, Syd, me, Marah, Gabe (and then back around to left again) Kevin, Matt, Ringo, Sophie and Ben!

Charles, in costume, signing books.

My mom, brother Nick and Marah.

Nick’s new tattoo, which was scabby and gross and covered in smelly lotion, which is why I’m making that face in the last photo.

Tiffany (dressed as Momdusa), Brian (holding a Chainsaw Unicorn) and their awesome kids!

Guest strip artist Ringo stops by to get her book!


Where’s my book? Books are going out slowly. Marah, my sister Katie,my brother Nick, my mom and my friends Addam and Huynh came by teh studio yesterday to stuff and label envelopes while I did book sketches. Addam and Huynh even inked a bunch of the book sketches over the top of my pencils, which was extra cool and saved a ton of time! At this point I’m still pretty sure that all the books will make t out the door before thee end of the month.