I want to apologize for skipping the Weds update. I’ve been working over time to get the books in the mail, and the exhaustion finally caught up to me on Tuesday when I fell asleep at my desk while doinga  book sketch! I’m feeling better though, and since I hope to the last of the books packed by Saturday and in the mail by Monday I think I’ll finally be relaxing a bit this weekend! Speaking of books…

There are still plenty of copies of the Modest Medusa Season 1 book for sale. You can buy it here.

For those of you waiting for yours to arrive…

See all that? This was the 2nd big  load of books. These all went in thhe mail yesterday. One more load to go!

Here’s the boxes for the top contripbutors, oncluding a book, a Medusa hat, a print, a panel and some stickers! These wills hip on Monday!

Here’s a look at a few of the hand colored panels that haven’t been packed up yet.

What’s this? New plush key chains by Lina (lilineko), the creator of the medusa hats. These are prototypes for the the upcoming Season 2 kickstarter!

Here’s a better look at Medusa.

And a better look at Jake!

Finally, here’s a neat little hand made toy robot. The other night at about 2am this guy knocks on the studio door. I open the door to see what he wants and he hands me this thing and says “I made this for you”. Before I could say anything he walked away! It’s pretty cool.