– Not really a strip today, but an announcement instead. Modest Medusa is now available on Tapastic. Over the last several months one of the number one requests I’ve received was to make my comics available on this platform. I especially heard this from people who like reading Modest Medusa on their mobile devices (where this site does not perform super well). Right now the first 11 Modest Medusa and Ghost Kiss strips are available on Tapastic. I’ll be updating both series a dozen or so pages at a time over the next few weeks until they catch up to the regular schedule. After that, you’ll be able to read new MM and GK on Tapastic as they’re released. Since Tapastic has a subscribe feature, it’s super easy to keep up with both comics through their site or app.

Honestly, my preference is that you read MM here on my site, but I know that’s not always practical. Some of you enjoy reading teh comic on your phone, while others like to read it on tumblr, Deviant Art or Drunk Duck, or prefer to get your notifications from Patreon, facebook, Google+ or twitter. I think it’s important to accommodate your preferences as much as possible, so I’m happy to add Tapastic to my update rotation. I also hope Tapastic will introduce new readers to Modest Medusa and Ghost Kiss!

You can check Modest Medusa and Ghost Kiss on Tapastic right now.