Here’s our last filler strip. Heather is my friend and frequent collaborator. We worked together on the shoujo dating sim game G x B (Girl x Boy) and the upcoming B x B. When I asked her to do a guest comic for me she wanted to know if she could draw anything she wanted to. This is the result. You can see more of Heather’s work on her blog.

News! The Kickstarter is going really, really well! We’re over 200% funded, with plenty of time to go! Thanks everyone. This really means a lot to me. We’ll be able print a whole bunch more copies than I had originally hoped, which is great! We’ve also generated enough to unlock all 4 of the bonus comics. I’m trying to think of a special 5th bonus comic I can do if we hit $10,000. Maybe featuring Medusa’s Mom?

PAX was a ton of fun, and it was nice to meet several of you. I know I’ll be back next year. Check out  Sombulus by C. Major, who stopped by to say hi along with her game designing boyfriend.

Also at PAX I got to try out and pre-order Super Dungeon Explore, the new chibi dungeon crawl miniatures game by Soda Pop Miniatures. I’m super excited about it! So excited that I came home and immediately pained the special model they gave me for pre-ordering the game. it’s been awhile since I’ve painted anything, so it’s not that great, but I’m still pretty excited. The game is coming out soon, and you should totally check it out!