Hey, welcome to Season 2!

For those of you who took a break afte rthe end of season 1 2 weeks ago you may be surprised to see that we kept updating. We’ve had some great fill strips over the last two weeks. Click back to check them out!

The Modest Medusa Season 1 kickstarter is going very well. The original goal was to raise $2100 to finance a modest print run of the first ever Modest Medusa book. We’ve exceeded that goal by an alarming extent, so much so that our print run will no longer be quite so modest! As of this writing we’ve generated almost $5000! thanks everyone. Really, thanks so much!

I had originally said that if we surpassed the original goal by a certain amount I would create a set of three page comics for the book featuring supporting characters like Charles and the Mermaids. Well, you guys have contributed enough to unlock all 4 of the bonus comics I had planned. Congratulations! As it stands now the book will contain 22 pages of new comics. That’s almost 1/4 of a full season! I’ve decided to offer one last incentive. If we reach $10,000 I’ll do a 3 page comic featuring Medusa’s mother!

Anyway, the Kickstart isn’t just about giving me money. We’re offering all kinds of great rewards, like exclusive prints and stickers, hand colored panels, walk on appearances, custom made medusa hats and (of course) signed copies of the book! There’s still 2 weeks to pledge. Plenty of time!

Convention: I’ll be at Kumoricon this weekend, sharing an artist alley table with Ben Hsu (of Dubious Company). We’ll also be doing a special panel Sunday evening (and giving out chocodiles). Come see us!